Biomedical Engineering Graduate Interdisciplinary Program

The Biomedical Engineering Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (BME GIDP) at The University of Arizona offers exciting opportunities for students interested in research and training related to biomedical engineering. Students can learn in a broad range of areas, integrating engineering, mathematics, biology, and medicine in a highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary environment. The BME GIDP offers Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science degrees as well as graduate minor degrees in related disciplines. Doctoral students accepted into the BME program can participate in a number of specialized training programs (links can be found below).

University of Arizona Biomedical Engineering is a top program in Student Support and Outcomes, in a new report released by the National Research Council. This report used factual data to assess doctoral programs across the United States. The University of Arizona BME GIDP ranked "between 4-33" out of 76 bioengineering doctoral programs. Learn more at

Institutional Training Programs

  • Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy (NIH)
  • Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity(IMSD) for Ph.D.s in Biomedical Sciences (NIH)
  • Cardiovascular Biomedical Engineering Training Grant (NIH)
  • Jennifer Barton discusses her research and interdisciplinary philosophy in a video available from ARL (April 2009).